The 2022 MINI Countryman is now available at our dealership. With its arrival comes a new design as well as some new technology for improved comfort, convenience, and handling.

In terms of safety, though, what are some features you can expect? Whether commuting for work or pleasure, here are three available safety features that keep you and your passengers safe on the road. 

1. Seat Belt Pretensioners 

Seat belt pretensioners are a recent innovation in car safety. Pretensioners work by automatically tightening and securing the driver and passengers in place in the event of a collision. This is a pivotal feature that especially minimizes injuries associated with whiplash.

The pretensioners automatically come into play when the car’s sensors detect a forceful impact. The pretensioners also ensure you receive the most protection from the airbag’s deployment. 

2. Anti-Lock Brakes 

The 2022 MINI Countryman is equipped with anti-lock brakes that come standard. This prevents the car from skidding during sharp braking, which can otherwise cause the brakes to seize and lock up.

Anti-lock brakes are made possible due to the wheel hubs being equipped with a sensor that detects tire rotation rate in relation to the vehicle’s acceleration or deceleration.  

3. Stability Control 

As suggested in its name, stability control helps you maintain control when the sensors detect that you may be on the verge of veering. The car’s computer will also automatically limit torque accordingly. 

Modern stability control systems constantly monitor factors like speed, yaw, and lateral acceleration to predict the driver’s intended steering. 

You can learn more about the 2022 MINI Countryman by visiting Orlando MINI. Our MINI finance department in Orlando, FL can provide further assistance if you’re ready for a purchase or lease.