With 2022 not far off, now is the time to contemplate new lifestyle changes. One way is to replace your existing vehicle.

At Orlando MINI, we have an inventory of new MINI cars in Orlando, FL now available. Learn which models are great for leasing. 

MINI Clubman 

The MINI Clubman is noted for its all-wheel-drive option and split rear doors, the latter of which simplifies cargo loading and unloading. The 2022 model year also sees an updated exterior that exudes sophistication.

There is seating for up to five occupants, and a panoramic moonroof makes nighttime commuting especially delightful for passengers. 

MINI Countryman 

The MINI Countryman has long been known as the miniature SUV beloved for its go-kart-like feel. As the biggest model in the MINI lineup, this is the vehicle of choice for spacious seating and ample cargo space. This model is also the most powerful thanks to its TwinPower Turbo engine that delivers 301 hp. 

MINI Convertible 

For open-air adrenaline, the MINI Convertible provides an unrivaled feel of the wind breezing your face as you cruise along the highway. With the electrically-powered soft-top cover, you can open and close the top in just 18 seconds and at the touch of a button. In the rear, the taillights have been graced with the Union Jack design. 

MINI John Cooper Works 

This is MINI’s signature model for the racetracks. This is reflected in its design with its F1-style paddle shifters, a sports exhaust system, and an optional Nitron suspension with adjustable dampers.  

Make it a goal in 2022 to lease a new MINI car. You’ll kick off the year in a new vehicle that offers plenty of spunk.