Summertime tends to get hectic and people are often going, going, going. However, even if you’re schedule is booked, it’s still important to prioritize your MINI oil change service appointments. Our experts at Orlando MINI are outlining all the reasons why you should never skip an oil change.

You Could Face Costly Damage

Motor oil tends to become dirty and breaks down over time, so it can’t function like it should. However, your engine needs oil to lubricate its parts and help to keep it clean. Without efficient oil, you could see serious damage due to friction and abrasive wear.  

It’s Unsafe

When you put off an oil change, your engine damage isn’t always severe. However, if you’re going too long between oil changes, that friction could cause your engine to seriously overheat. It could even lead to complete engine failure, leaving you stranded.

Your Performance Will Suffer

When your engine oil becomes too thick or dirty to flow freely, your engine will struggle to work efficiently due to the excess friction. As a result, you’ll likely experience less power. Your vehicle will also likely be sluggish and slow to accelerate.

You’ll Have Less Fuel Efficiency

When your engine struggles to perform, you’ll also see your fuel efficiency drop. When your engine is forced to work harder than it should, it is also forced to burn more fuel. While you may be saving time at the service center, you’ll be spending extra time and money at the gas station.

Schedule a MINI Oil Change in Orlando, FL

If you’re due for an oil change, don’t risk damaging your vehicle. We can get your vehicle treated and get you back on the road in no time. Visit Orlando MINI for a quick and convenient oil change today!