I’ve talked about the MINI Rocketman concept before. However, despite being one of the more interesting MINI cars, the automaker hasn’t done a lot with this fan-favorite concept. Until now that is. MINI has now announced this concept will be available to purchase late next year.

If you’re new to the MINI Rocketman concept vehicle, here’s the basics. The car was meant to demonstrate how far the minimalist style of MINI could go. It also shows how the original MINI could be re-imagined without increasing its size.

The concept that MINI is proposing fulfills just that. The updates to the car’s body aren’t drastic. However, MINI has wrapped this package in a gorgeous, colorful exterior design. There are even a few interior updates as well to set the Rocketman apart.

However, the resurgence of the Rocketman has larger implications. For MINI fans believe that the Rocketman is foreshadowing the look and feel of the third generation of MINI vehicles, as well as the design of the F56. So the Rocketman is worth paying attention to.

At Fields Orlando MINI, we can’t wait to see what next generation of MINI vehicles looks like. Regardless of concept they take design cues from, these vehicles are guaranteed to be stunning.