The numbers are in, and MINI had an excellent month of May, along with plenty of new happy MINI owners. Last month, MINI reported sales of 6,153 automobiles. That’s actually a 6.1 percent increase from the 5,801 cars sold in May 2011. That doesn’t even factor in the drivers who purchased a certified used MINI. Lakeland motorists have noticed a few new MINIs on the road, and it’s for a good reason!

The big driver of this success was the Cooper S Convertible and the Countryman. The Cooper S Convertible had an outstanding month and sold 23.3 percent more than it did in May 2011. The Countryman, one of MINI strongest sellers, continued to gain ground. It posted a 3.9 percent increase over May 2011.

It’s not just the month of May that’s a winner for MINI. To date, MINI sales overall are actually up six percent. What does this mean to you?

First off, it means more drivers are joining the ever-growing MINI family. Also, it means MINI is becoming more and more competitive in the U.S. Market, which is always a good thing. It allows the automaker to keep creating more of the sharpest vehicles on the road.

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