Over the last ten years, MINI has become a household name in the U.S. market. Despite this short amount of time, you don’t hear a lot of complaints about MINI vehicles whatsoever. One question that has persisted is – is the MINI hatch too small to meet my needs?

In Winter Park, used MINI owners already know the answer to that question. Simply get behind the wheel of a MINI and your doubts dissolve away. However, that isn’t enough for this automaker, which is going to soon turn skeptics’ heads.

For those who are used to a four door sedan, MINI might soon have a car for you. Its internal code-name is F55, and this next-generation hatch will have four doors! That’s right. It’ll be much like the Countryman’s layout, except in a smaller package.

MINI fans might be wondering where those extra two doors are going to go. Sources say those rear doors will extend from the trailing edge of the front doors and extend into the rear wheel arches. This addition will also involve lengthening the car a bit. Rear legroom is expected to increase about 5 cm.

At Orlando MINI, we can’t believe that MINI might soon be offering a four-door hatch. In the meantime, stop by and check out a MINI for yourself. Whatever doubts you might have will melt away during your test drive!