As the world turns its eyes to the Olympics, MINI, an official sponsor of the US Olympic and Paralympic teams, also has its eye on a prize. The automaker just announced its “Win Small” campaign that’s tied in with the London games.

In Winter Park, Countryman, MINI, and drivers everywhere love an underdog story, especially during the Olympics. It’s that story that MINI is looking to tell with its “Win Small” marketing campaign.

According to Tom Salkowsky, manager of MINI USA Marketing, “Our Win Small content underscores MINI’s size but also our mindset of being the feisty underdog overcoming the odds and the skeptics. It is something MINI and our owners are familiar with and what better way to celebrate that than cheering on small.”

At Fields Orlando MINI, we couldn’t agree more. Especially in the US, MINI has encountered plenty of skeptics. However, the minute these skeptics get behind the wheel of a MINI, their doubts dissolve away.

For those looking to get involved in Win Small, there are plenty of ways. MINI will be promoting this campaign with TV, online, and mobile advertising. However, for fans who are looking to engage further, head to MINI’s Facebook page. The automaker created a tab encouraging fans to submit their own story of overcoming the odds.

Submit your own story and tune in to the Olympics to cheer on your favorite underdog!