The JCW edition of the R58 MINI has finally arrived, and the wait has been worth it. Everyone has been pouring over images and minor details about the vehicle for months. But, now it’s time to get behind the wheel of this amazing vehicle and officially see what it has to offer. So, what is there to love about the R58 MINI? Quite a bit!

Perhaps the best, and certainly most visible, aspect of this MINI is its striking appearance. When in line for MINI service, Winter Park drivers will surely be glancing at this gorgeous vehicle. The black body with a red top is a perfect, bold contrast. It sets it apart from other MINI vehicles, and for good reason. The R58 has some performance tweaks that do certainly put it in a class of its own.

First off, MINI has increased the torsional rigidity, which is great for performance around corners. Yes, the car weighs a bit more. However, it carries it low, meaning this vehicle has a lower center of gravity. This shift also helps improve handling. Driving this vehicle is a real treat.

Not only is this Coupe’s exterior an eye-catcher, its sleek silhouette creates much better aerodynamic efficiency. This sleekness improves its 0 to 60 times and makes it even more robust in the performance department. This MINI also feels more stable when taking turns, especially when pushed to the limit on a professional racetrack.

Overall, the R58 MINI is a perfect blend of performance and beauty. Head on over to Fields Orlando MINI to see all the stunning vehicles MINI is currently offering and test drive them for yourself.