MINI models are known for their petite size and easy maneuverability. The small size, however, doesn’t equal lack of space.

In fact, most MINI cars are more than capable of storing multiple pieces of luggage and other bulky items. Learn which models have the most space available for freight. 

MINI Clubman 

The MINI Clubman has a total cargo space of 47.9 cubic feet. For perspective, that’s enough space for about five average-size pieces of luggage, or two large suitcases and several carry-on bags.

To utilize the full space, lower the rear seat to utilize the back passenger area as storage. As a hatchback, it’s easy to use the rear liftgate to store and retrieve items. 

MINI Countryman  

The MINI Countryman has 47.6 cubic feet of cargo space with the rear seats folded down. With the rear seats upright, the back storage area provides 17.6 cubic feet of room.

The hybrid version of the MINI Countryman has comparable but slightly lesser space at 47.4 cubic feet and 17.2 cubic feet respectively. 

MINI Hardtop 2-Door 

The MINI Hardtop 2-Door is more compact but generally has enough space to store the belongings of two people. The rear provides 8.7 cubic feet of cargo room, and that expands to 34 cubic feet with the rear area folded down. 

Even with the rear seats upright, there’s still sufficient space for items like groceries and school bags. 

MINI Convertible 

With the MINI Convertible, cargo space ranges between 7.6 cubic feet and 23.3 cubic feet of space. Fold down the rear seats to achieve maximum capacity, which is enough for items like a baby stroller and a golf bag. 

As you can see, our MINI vehicles provide ample space for all your needs. With this knowledge in mind, take the next step by visiting Orlando MINI to see our inventory. Speak with one of our friendly dealers for purchase or lease information.