Few things are more stressful than when you notice your MINI vehicle starts to make unfamiliar noises. While MINI cars are extremely reliable, they may run into some common problems from time to time. But don’t fret! Orlando MINI has you covered with our easy troubleshooting guide for weird noises.

Loose Timing Chain

A loose timing chain will present itself as a rattling sound coming from the front passenger side of your car. The noise is typically worse when you first start up your MINI vehicle. If you notice a noise that fits this description, you need to take your car to a professional as soon as possible as a loose timing chain is an urgent problem that can seriously damage your engine.

Broken Wheel Bearing

A continuous rumbling noise that occurs from your wheels can indicate a broken wheel bearing. You can usually only hear this sound when you are driving. Before you take your vehicle into the shop, thoroughly check each of your four tires. If you don’t notice any major issues, a mechanic can effortlessly diagnose a broken wheel bearing.

Worn Ball Joints

Ball joints are a component of your MINI model’s suspension system. You will notice a clunking sound from under your floorboards. While you can drive a car with a worn ball joint, it can be dangerous if the damage is serious.

Bad Shock Absorber or Strut

Shocks and struts are another part of your car’s suspension system. You will hear a knocking, rattling, or thumping noise while you are driving when they go bad. Other symptoms may include abnormal tire wear, a bumpy driving experience, or leaking hydraulic fluid.

It’s important to get these noises checked out immediately by a professional MINI service technician to keep you and your MINI car safe and sound.