Orlando MINI knows that life is just more fun with accessories – and accessories for your MINI car are no exception. There is a surplus of awesome accessories for your MINI model available on the market, so we’ve helped narrow down your search by highlighting some of our favorite MINI accessories.

Wind Deflector

If you own a MINI convertible, a wind deflector will come in handy when you decide to drop your top. This nifty device diverts air flow around the passenger compartment instead of through it, allowing you to better hear your radio and chit-chat with passengers without being distracted by the whooshing wind whipping through your cabin.

Roof Rack

Cargo space can sometimes be lacking in your compact MINI car. Install a customized roof rack to help increase your cargo space and utilize every inch of your vehicle.

All-Weather Floor Mats

Nobody ever said, “I love having mud in my MINI!” Keep things nice and tidy by adding some all-weather floor mats to your cabin. They will keep dirt, mud, and moisture under control and they are super easy to clean.

Bumper Protectors

This MINI car accessory is ideal for those that carry a lot of cargo in the back of their vehicle. Not only will this device keep your bumper safe from scratches, but it will also help distinguish your MINI from others in the pack.

There are a ton of MINI car accessories available to you to help personalize your ride. Try the ones we just mentioned to help improve your driving experience!