From congested city traffic in Orlando to severe tropical thunderstorms, Florida drivers have their fill of common road hazards. Here are some tips on how to safely navigate both the natural and manmade hazards, from your trusted auto experts at Orlando MINI.

Severe Rain

It seems like the weather is always changing in Florida. And when it decides to rain, it often pours. If you’re caught in a severe downpour while on the highway, slow your MINI vehicle to a slow and steady speed. Never tailgate the vehicle driving in front of you, and since visibility is low in a storm, keep your headlights on.


Whether caused by construction or natural wear-and-tear of the road, potholes are a nuisance for Florida drivers. Hitting a deep pothole in your compact MINI vehicle can have severe (and expensive) consequences.

If you notice a pothole in the road, no matter how large it is, try your best to drive around it. If you can’t avoid driving around it, slow down and hold your steering wheel firmly to avoid losing control of your car. Properly inflated tires will reduce the impact that driving over a pothole has on your vehicle, so always ensure all your tires contain the proper amount of air pressure.


While you won’t notice many alligators crossing the road, dogs, cats, and deer can jump out into a busy street. If this happens, it is better to hit your brakes and not try to miss hitting the animal by swerving, as you could have a head-on collision with an oncoming car. Additionally, you can try beeping your horn to scare the animal off the road.

In order to avoid potential hazards, never take your eyes off the road and always make sure your car is routinely serviced to ensure it’s always in peak condition. Contact us at Orlando MINI to learn more tips or to bring your vehicle in for expert service!