Compact cars can sometimes look generic, but that’s not the case for MINI models. With the prominent front grille and circular headlights, a MINI makes a statement wherever it travels. If you’re looking for further ideas on how to stand out from the crowd, consider accessorizing your vehicle!

Union Jack Side Scuttles

Many MINI enthusiasts are also die-hard Anglophiles. If you enjoy the idea of donning British pride, dress up your MINI with these side scuttles that bear the Union Jack. They come in sets of two and are super easy to install.

Base-Support System

Equipping a roof-rack on your MINI gives you the storage versatility you need if you’re planning a long road trip. These systems are simple to install and require no tools.

Carpeted Floor Mats

Your car’s interior can get dirty pretty quickly. Keep things polished by adding carpeted floor mats to the interior of your MINI Clubman or MINI Convertible. They come in a wide array of colors, so you can easily add a pop of color to your vehicle’s cabin in no time.

Luggage Compartment Tray

Keeping your MINI organized can reduce headache when looking for your belongings. A luggage compartment for your car’s trunk is the perfect way to give everything a home, as well as to efficiently utilize every inch of space your car offers.

MINI accessories are a great way to personalize your ride. To learn more about the parts and accessories available at our MINI dealership near Orlando, contact us today! The technicians in our MINI service center are more than happy to help to show you what we have to offer.