Are you in the market for a new MINI car? If so, Orlando MINI has the perfect vehicle for you. But what do you plan on doing with your current car? For Orlando, FL drivers seeking to trade their vehicle in, here are a few tips on what you should consider.

Take Care of Your Car

Routinely servicing your car is the best way to ensure it stays on the road for longer. Regular maintenance also saves you tons of money in the long run. Additionally, having those old service records to show you have kept up with your vehicle’s maintenance will get you more money when it comes time to trade in your old ride.

Address Issues

Fix dings, dents, and any other sort of cosmetic damage your MINI may have. These types of chips can depreciate the value of your vehicle and will cause you to lose out on a few bucks when you’re ready to trade it in. Also, treat your old car to a little TLC and get it professionally washed and waxed. Making your MINI shine will surely boost its value.

Know its Value

Be sure to do your homework before coming in to discuss pricing options at our MINI dealership. There are many online resources that can help you appraise the value of your vehicle, including Kelley Blue Book. When you find the value of your trade-in, print out a copy and bring it with you to the dealership as this can be used as a starting point for price negotiations.

We look forward to helping you trade in your old MINI for the new car of your dreams at our MINI dealership.