The fleet of new MINI cars is truly something else. This British-born brand offers attributes in its models that all urbanites crave. Why is a MINI the perfect car for the concrete jungle?

Petite Size

The MINI lineup consists of compact vehicles. The shortest body style measures only 12.6 feet. This tiny footprint enables the MINI to effortlessly navigate congested city streets and squeeze into the tightest parking spaces. Despite the small frame, MINI cars offer a good amount of utility, comfortably catering to you and up to four passengers.

Fuel Efficiency

Your fuel consumption can suffer during stop-and-go city driving. Fortunately, MINI cars truly excel when it comes to fuel economy. The start-stop system integrated in most turns off the engine to reduce the amount of time the engine spends idling, slowing fuel use and reducing emissions.

Nimble Handling

One feature MINI drivers love is the slick handling. Energetic and agile, MINI vehicles easily embrace tight turns. This allows you to drive effortlessly through busy city roads like a champ. Not to mention the availability of ALL4 all-wheel drive ion these vehicles, providing you additional traction in less-than-ideal conditions.

Safety Features

It’s imperative to select a vehicle with an ample amount of safety features when navigating chaotic city streets. Thankfully, MINI cars offer a staggering amount of innovative safety features to keep you safe and sound.

If you want to see why a MINI is the ideal car for Orlando residents, stop by Orlando MINI today to check out our large inventory of incredible vehicles! We look forward to your visit and setting you up on a test drive.