The MINI finance center at Orlando MINI is happy to help drivers find financing options, no matter what their credit looks like. Even still, obtaining a good credit score can have its benefits. Here are some tips on how to raise your credit score.

Pay Off Debts

When managing your credit score you need a balance of maintaining and paying off debts. Making purchases with lines of credit should always have the goal of paying off that debt. By demonstrating that you pay your debts, you will increase your score.

Make On-Time Payments

When paying your creditors one of the most important things you can do is make your payments on time. Repeated late payments can hurt your score as it shows you may not be responsible with your finances. It’s best to pay off your entire credit card balance on time and, for loans like auto loans, to make your monthly payment in full on time.

Keep an Eye on Your Credit Report

There are more than a few reasons to keep an eye on your credit score. It’s important to watch your credit score to make sure the numbers are going up or keeping steady. It is just as important to watch your credit score to make sure that inquiries or lines of credit are being opened by you, and not as the result of identity theft. Knowing and monitoring your credit score gives you the best chance at making informed financial decisions.

Explore MINI Financing in Orlando, FL

Orlando MINI is committed to helping drivers get the financing that works best for them and their credit score. Raising your credit score can help you get a better rate when looking at loan options for your next vehicle purchase. For a trusted car loan and lease resource, look no further than our Orlando MINI.