As I mentioned last week, MINI had a record year for sales. However, it’s hard to represent what a fantastic year MINI had with numbers alone. If you bought a MINI car in 2012, you became a part of a growing MINI family and undoubtedly fell in love with your vehicle. And why not? There was no shortage of impressive models from MINI this year. Let’s take a look at some of the cars MINI unveiled in 2012.

In June, the automaker introduced the world to the MINI Clubvan. This MINI was a fairly unique creation. A hybrid of a MINI with a compact delivery van, the MINI Clubvan proved to be a very versatile vehicle. It has 860 liters of load space, which owners can easily access thanks to the split door at the rear. It was a perfect vehicle for many types of small-business owners.

Let’s not forget about the stunning MINI Paceman, which the automaker unveiled at the Paris Motor Show. This model had two doors as well as a large tailgate, elegant coupe-like structure, and a lounge-style interior. This is one vehicle that was turning heads on roads this year.

If we rewind to March, MINI fans will certainly remember meeting the MINI John Cooper Works Countryman at the Geneva Motor Show. The standout feature of this car is it is the first John Cooper Works model to direct the power from its engine to all four wheels.

At Orlando MINI, we’re proud to celebrate the success of MINI in 2012 and look forward to an equally impressive 2013.