Drivers who have done their homework on car buying know pre-owned MINI cars have a great value long after they’ve come off the assembly line. Whether you want a “like new” MINI car or something more vintage, our pre-owned and certified pre-owned (CPO) inventories should have something within your budget that you’ll love. 

Perks of Pre-Owned 

Buying pre-owned is a pretty traditional route of car buying, especially for new drivers or those on the tightest of budgets. There’s tons of variety in terms of make, model, and year. You might find an older vehicle with low mileage, or you might find a fairly new car that has seen thousands of miles.  

Perks of CPO 

Buying certified pre-owned entitles you to many of those same privileges, but there is a bit less variety and a lot more guarantee of quality. That’s because certified pre-owned cars must pass an inspection and meet a certain set of criteria in order to be considered.

This includes: 

  • Being a MINI car less than five years old 
  • Passing the vehicle inspection list 
  • Reconditioned only with 100% Genuine MINI Parts 

Because MINI CPO cars meet those criteria, they come with extra warranties and programs such as: 

  • Up to five years of 24/7 Roadside Assistance Plan 
  • Nationwide Network of MINI Dealers 
  • MINI Certified Pre-Owned Limited Warranty for a total of up to five years/unlimited miles (when combined with new car warranty) 

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