Our MINI service center at Orlando MINI is a super valuable tool at your disposal, even if there is nothing needing to be repaired or maintained on your vehicle at the moment.

We can provide information on how to keep your MINI vehicle running its best between services. A big part of that is using the correct type of fuel, so let’s chat about that!

What Are the Different Fuel Types?

There is your typical regular unleaded 87 octane gasoline that most non-luxury or non-performance cars call for, especially at low or moderate altitudes. Then there are higher octane fuels for premium performance and operation that include additives and have a higher compression and heat endurance. 

While premium fuels (90 octane+) do cost a bit more at the pump, they can be worth it in the long run if they protect your powertrain system and allow it to run more efficiently without problems. You can learn more about additional fuel types like ethanol and diesel online. 

Which Fuel Is Best for MINI Cars?

It is always, always best to check your manual. However, as a rule of thumb, most MINI vehicles are suggested to use 91 octane fuel. Some models allow the use of 87 or 89, but it is always better to go above the recommended than below it. 

As your Orlando “MINI dealer near me,” we are here to help with all aspects of vehicle ownership. Feel free to come see us or to schedule an appointment with our service center, which continues to offer drop off and pick up services during these trying times. We wish you the best of health this holiday season!