MINI fans now have a new model to cherish as the automaker unveiled the MINI Paceman recently. At first glance, it’s a little bit of the old mixed with the new, and what results is a fantastic new entry into the MINI lineup.

Let’s start with the familiar. The MINI Paceman is similar in size to the Countryman. It also sports the same engine lineup, the same All4 system, and the same interior details as the Countryman. However, owners of Lakeland MINI Coopers know that’s where the similarities end.

The differences of the Paceman are what truly distinguish it and make this model a fresh entry. For starters, the Paceman only has two doors, and it has a sleeker shape. This shape not only gives this model a sportier appearance, it also serves to highlight some of the other changes. The Paceman has a unique set of taillights, which haven’t appeared on any other MINI.

Another small but welcome change is the word “Paceman” stamped in bold, silver letters across the bottom of the trunk lid. Yes, it’s not a big change, but it in reinforces the automaker’s desire to give each of its model an identity of its own.

So, the exterior gets a sportier look, but does that reflect how this MINI handles. Actually, yes. Early reports say this model handles much more aggressively and sporty. Perhaps that’s influence from the JCW. Either way, at Fields Orlando MINI, we know it’s sure to satisfy MINI fans’ appetite for a more spacious, yet sporty MINI model.