When the weather warms up, road trips are around the corner, so it might be time to upgrade to a MINI. But which MINI cars in Orlando, FL are best for traveling with a small family or group? Your unique and personal preferences will dictate which MINI model is ideal for your specific needs and pending vacation. 

MINI Countryman  

Despite its name, the MINI Countryman is suitable for city and countryside driving alike. This MINI car has long been praised for its go-kart-like feel, making long commutes feel like playtime for the driver. For eco-friendly traveling, consider the plug-in hybrid variation; you can get the same driving experience while keeping your carbon footprint to a minimum. 

MINI Clubman 

With the MINI Clubman, you’ll enjoy next-level technology in the form of an infotainment system with an 8.8-inch touchscreen. Get information like real-time traffic data and make road tripping more efficient with intelligent cruise control. The exterior design is also a sight to behold, and the 2023 model features a Multitone roof available in three colors, exclusive to the MINI Clubman. 

MINI Convertible 

With warm weather on the way, the MINI Convertible provides the ultimate vacation experience with the wind breezing across your face. Activate or deactivate the soft-top cover in just 18 seconds with the push of a button. 

MINI Electric 

The MINI Electric is the true definition of sustainable driving. Travel up to 114 miles on a full charge and recharge the battery in just 36 minutes using a Quick Charge system, or use any one of the 38,000 public charging stations available over the country. There’s no better way to go on a guilt-free vacation than with an emissions-free ride. 

Visit Orlando MINI to see all our outstanding MINI models. Each one provides a unique experience for drivers of all backgrounds — find out which one is most compatible for you!