Spring is here. What are your plans for this season? One arrangement should be general maintenance at our MINI service center in Orlando, FL. This is a good time of year to ensure all of your car’s critical components are in operating condition. Here are the checkups we recommend.  

Belts and Hoses 

Perform a check of the belts and hoses under the hood. Winter weather can cause these parts to dry up and fray. The hoses are especially at risk of developing a leak. With spring here, perform a check to be sure the hoses and connections are secure and not causing fluid leaks.  

Wiper Blades 

Be sure your wiper blades are ready for spring showers. The wipers are one of the parts that require more frequent replacement. A common problem is the rubber blade separating from the metal frame. Fortunately, the blades are inexpensive and easy to replace.  

Air Conditioner 

You probably haven’t used your A/C since early fall the previous year. Now is the time to run your A/C to ensure optimal airflow. There may be problems if your A/C is blowing stuffy air or if there’s inconsistent airflow between vents.  


Did you rotate tires last year? We recommend a rotation every six months to prevent uneven tire wear. Starting from spring, make a commitment to check the tire psi once every 30 days. All you need is a tire gauge and tire pressure pump. Keep the tires within five psi of the recommended psi. You can locate this information in the vehicle user manual.  

Make an appointment to service your car at Orlando MINI. We perform maintenance on all MINI models, including electric vehicles like the MINI Electric. Make this spring the season to give your car some much needed love.