The 2022 MINI Countryman is out and it’s turning heads due to some new exterior and interior designs. In addition to aesthetics, there are also some upgrades on the technology front. Here are a few of the best tech features in the 2022 MINI Countryman.


The infotainment comes standard with an 8.8-inch touchscreen display; buyers have the option to upgrade to a Touchscreen Navigation package, which comes with a navigation system and Apple CarPlay. This also includes a 5.0-inch instrument cluster along with a wireless charging pad. If you opt for any of the premium trims, such as the MINI Countryman Cooper S or Cooper SE, then the Touchscreen Navigation package is included.

Safety Technology

For the sake of safety, anti-lock brakes also come standard. This keeps the brakes from locking up when you slam on the brake pedal. This prevents the car from going into a dangerous skid. The anti-lock brake system includes sensors in the wheel hubs that collect data on vehicle acceleration and tire rotation speed.

Stability control is another safety feature that comes standard. This helps you keep the car steady and limits torque when the system senses you’re dangerously close to veering.

MINI Teleservice

The MINI Teleservice system alerts you when service is needed. This may include an oil change, tire alignment, or other issues that require MINI service attention. When the system detects a problem, it relays the information to a MINI Service Partner, where you can make a service appointment. You don’t need to explain the issue as the administrator will already have all the data.

Visit Orlando MINI to check out the MINI Countryman. Once you have a trim picked out, schedule a test drive with one of our friendly associates. We’ll be happy to show you all the available tech features inside the 2022 MINI Countryman.