So your children are all grown up and out of the house and it’s now just you and your spouse. You’re ready to hit the road in a chic new vehicle. Without the need for extra space and a newfound interest in technology, you crave a zippy ride that can accommodate all of your needs while saving you money. Enter the 2019 MINI car. Here is why the MINI Cooper car is ideal for empty nesters.

Amazing Fuel Economy

The 2019 MINI car gets awesome fuel economy without being boring. Typically, fuel efficiency and fun have an inverse relationship, but not with this cute compact ride.

Perfect in the City or the Country

Whether you crave the bright lights of the city or the serenity of the county, the 2019 MINI Cooper car is ideal for all environments. Swift and nimble enough to handle country roads and small enough to be parallel parked anywhere, the 2019 MINI Cooper model will get you there in style.


Now that the kids are gone, you don’t have to have a huge SUV to tote around all of their belongings and yours. The 2019 MINI Cooper car has the ideal amount of space for you and your items.


The 2019 MINI does not skimp on style or technology features. With an innovative navigation and connectivity system, you can enjoy smart features such as remote door unlock, emergency calling, send-to-car functionality, and so much more.

If you’re ready to see why the 2019 MINI model is perfect for you, stop by Orlando MINI today.