In Orlando, FL, it feels like summer all year round. But despite the weather being gorgeous, MINI drivers should use the springtime season to spring clean their car. Here are three car cleaning tips from the automotive experts at Orlando MINI.

  1. Wash and Wax the Exterior

Before you go decluttering the interior of your MINI Cooper vehicle, take some time to thoroughly wash and wax the outside. Waxing your car provides a plethora of perks, including protecting your paint job and getting rid of unsightly scuffs and scratches. If you want your MINI car to glow like it did when you first brought it home, invest in a liquid or spray wax solution.

  1. Tackle the Inside

Many folks are guilty of using the interior of their car as an extended waste-bin. Clean your MINI Cooper car’s interior by removing all of the junk inside. Then, lift up the floor mats and vacuum and clean what is underneath. You’ll be surprised to find out what your car has collected! Don’t ignore the seats and rub them down with a wet, clean cloth.

  1. Lift the Hood

Under the hood can be a haven for dirt, debris, and grime. A clean engine extends the life of your ride and prevents expensive mechanical malfunctions from occurring. Make sure the engine is off and you remove all battery cables before cleaning with soap and water. If you notice anything unusual, make an appointment with our MINI service center immediately.

Now you can enjoy a shiny and efficient MINI car!