At Orlando MINI, we understand that you might be confused by the term “John Cooper Works” that you see at the end of the names of MINI models on our MINI dealer lot in Orlando, Florida.  We would like to take a moment to clear it up for you.  “John Cooper Works” is a trim level available on most of the MINI Cooper models for sale on our Florida MINI dealer lot.  The trim level is named after an influential race car driver, John Cooper.  John Cooper  is essentially the man responsible for the existence of the MINI Cooper vehicle, and his son is responsible for bringing the impressive vehicle to the masses.

Therefore, it is fitting that the MINI Cooper John Cooper Works models are known for providing impressive driving performances.  The vehicles are powered by extra-capable engines, which gives them great get up and go capabilities.  They are also tweaked in ways that allow the MINI Cooper John Cooper Works to react instantly to whatever you ask the vehicle to do.

The engine housed in MINI Cooper John Cooper Works models is a 208 horsepower with 192 pound per foot of torque.  These characteristics give the MINI Cooper John Cooper Works a top track speed of 149 horsepower.  You will love driving around Florida in a MINI John Cooper Works vehicle – trust us!

We invite you to come to our MINI dealership in Orlando – Orlando MINI – to learn more about the impressive MINI Cooper John Cooper Works models that we have available.  Come see us soon!