You might think that a vehicle is the one aspect of your life that you cannot make personalized to your style.  But the engineers behind the MINI Cooper Convertible strongly disagree.  MINI designers know that you take time to make sure your wardrobe, hair, accessories and more express your personality.  Therefore, it does not seem right that your car cannot be an extension of this expression.  So, with the 2014 MINI Cooper Convertible, you can express yourself!


Designing your 2014 MINI Cooper Convertible could be the most fun you have had in a long time.  Drivers have the choice between 11 exterior colors, ranging from Midnight Black to Chili Red.  The 2014 MINI Cooper Convertible also offers three different roof and body colors.  This means drivers can customize their 2014 MINI Cooper Convertible to fit their personal personalities.  Did we mention the 2014 MINI Cooper Convertible is also available with racing stripes?  It really is true that no two 2014 MINI Cooper Convertible vehicles are alike.


If you are ready to own a vehicle that is unique and reflects your personality, then we invite you to make the drive to our Orlando dealer lot, Orlando MINI.  Orlando MINI is located just a short drive away from surrounding communities like Winter Park.  At our dealership you will have the chance to test drive the 2014 MINI Cooper Convertible.  Our staff will also take the time to help you design the 2014 MINI Cooper Convertible of your dreams.  We hope to see you at our MINI dealer lot soon and then behind the wheel of your personalized 2014 MINI Cooper Convertible all summer long!