Alright, so the world didn’t end. Instead, for many Central American countries, such as Mexico and Guatemala, it’s time to party! Contrary to many across the world, these people never viewed the end of the Mayan calendar as the apocalypse. They believed it to be the ushering in of a new era. In Central America, the same goes for MINI.

Today, in Guatemala, the people have been gearing up for a December 21celebration at the Mayan archaeological site of Tikal. MINI might not be throwing a bash, but this date certainly holds significance for the automaker.

Owners of used MINI cars know that their favorite automaker is now represented in more than 100 countries worldwide. For MINI, the Central and South American region currently ranks among its particularly strong markets.

This year already, MINI has sold more than 7,350 models in this region. That is 9% more than 2011 as a whole. In Mexico, MINI has delivered 3,400 cars since the beginning of the year. That represents a 28.5% increase compared to 2011. You could say the MINI revolution has already begun!

At Fields Orlando MINI, we love to see more and more countries getting to experience these wonderful vehicles. MINI is such an iconic brand, no doubt recognizable around the world. Now selling in more than 100 countries, MINI is going from icon to a common sight on city streets. To experience the MINI revolution for yourself, stop by a dealer and get behind the wheel of one today.