As MINI fans probably know, MINI calls its all wheel drive system All4. The automaker introduced it in 2010 with the launch of the MINI Countryman. This month, we’re seeing some big updates. But first, a quick history lesson.

The All4 was the automaker’s first step to providing all-wheel drive for its vehicles. Originally, the Countryman would default to All4 and add power to the rear wheels as necessary, up to 50% of engine output.

As customers at a MINI dealership know, All4 quickly became a fan-favorite. It offered a lot of additional traction, especially during the winter months when snow is making the streets slippery.

That’s why MINI is updating the system and making sure it continues to meet the needs of its fans. Going forward, the All4 system will be putting power to all four wheels at all times. Also, for the first time, All4 will divert 100% of available power to the rear wheels in extreme situations. Previously, that figure was only 50%.

What does this mean for MINI drivers? It means that MINI sees that All4 has become a great feature of its vehicle, especially when it comes to improved performance during hazardous driving situations. MINI is tweaking and improving this system to continue to meet the needs of its drivers.

At Fields Orlando MINI, we’ve seen All4 turn out to be a feature that prospective MINI drivers are looking for. As always, safety tops the list. But, performance enhancements are always popular features.