With MINI, customers are used to getting their way. After all, MINI vehicles are highly customizable. Now, MINI fans are getting yet another way to tweak their MINI. The automaker is now creating a special edition model finished in the MINI’s signature Chili Red.

This is one seriously striking MINI car. While the total production might not be more than 400 vehicles, at least U.S. dealers will get about 2-3 each. So next time you head to your nearby MINI dealer, you might see this model on the showroom floor.

MINI hasn’t really announced much else yet about this special edition model. One big question remains pricing and options. However, this vehicle is likely to be a Cooper S AII4 model, and I’m sure MINI will offer a healthy selection of options.

Although this Chili Red color is merely a limited edition design, I wouldn’t be surprised if MINI adopted it permanently if fans really love it. The automaker’s current red coloring is still distinct enough to accommodate both shades.

At Fields Orlando MINI, we can’t wait to see this MINI out on the streets. It’s sure to be a fan-favorite and an eye-catcher on the road.