As Lakeland MINI Cooper drivers know, many times a concept is just that…a concept. However, sometimes these vehicles see the light of day. In the case of the MINI Paceman concept model, it’ll not only be produced, but it’ll also keep its concept name.

The Paceman was the automaker’s upcoming Countryman-based crossover coupe. Originally, MINI had planned to change the name. Contenders like the Countryman Coupe and Countryman GT were suggested. However, MINI wanted this model to have a distinct identity from the Countryman. Therefore, the Paceman title stuck.

At Fields Orlando MINI we cannot wait to get our hands on the Paceman. It’s has a pretty radically different look, and it’s sure to be yet another popular offering from MINI. So, when are you going to see this crossover coupe?

Production is scheduled to start this November. It’ll run through late 2018. That means it’ll show up in dealer showrooms sometime in early 2013. If you caught a glimpse of the concept, you have a pretty good idea what the Paceman will look like.

However, perhaps the biggest change to the Paceman’s look is the addition of two rear-hinged club-doors, which will make the Paceman a true five-door model. Beyond that, inside the space will be almost identical to the Countryman.

So, keep an eye out for the Paceman sometime early next year. In the meantime, make sure to check out a MINI Countryman to get an idea of what to expect.