At Orlando MINI, we not only sell great MINI vehicles, but we also do MINI repairs at our Winter Park and Orlando dealer lots.  We would love to be able to sell you MINI vehicles that will never need a day in the shop.  Unfortunately, while we can promise you your MINI vehicle will run just as well as, if not better than, all of the other vehicles on the roadways, we cannot promise you that your MINI vehicle will never need any service.


In fact, at Orlando MINI, we encourage all of our customers to bring their MINI vehicles into our MINI Service Center in Winter Park for routine maintenance and checkups.  We do this because we know MINI vehicles that are taken care of last longer and have fewer problems than those that aren’t.  This is why we pride ourselves on offering a MINI Service Center in Winter Park and Orlando that is capable, efficient, and affordable.


So, whether your MINI vehicle is simply in need of an oil change or it needs some major repairs, bring your MINI vehicle to our MINI Service Center so we can get started today on making repairs to your MINI vehicle.  We promise to have you back on the roadways in Winter Park and Orlando right away.


To make an appointment for your MINI repairs, you can contact Orlando MINI Service Center at 877-241-3290 or visit our Service Center website.  Of course, you can always just stop by our Service Center at our Orlando MINI dealership with the vehicle that needs repaired, too!