We know that at this point we might sound like a broken record, but at Orlando MINI we really love the MINI Cooper Coupe.  This two-door coupe has a personality and spunk like few other vehicles on the roadways.  We love the look of its over-the-top styling and its tiny sliver windows.  Personally, we think these aesthetically pleasing attributes on the 2013 MINI Cooper Coupe are highlighted even further when you add racing stripes down the vehicle’s front hood.


Of course, the 2013 MINI Cooper Coupe is more than just something pretty to look at.  This vehicle provides a thrilling ride, too.  The 2013 MINI Cooper Coupe is powered by a 1.6-liter, four cylinder engine.  Drivers can also choose to have this engine turbocharged, which makes for an even better ride.  Between the engine housed in the 2013 MINI Cooper Coupe and its unique and chic exterior, the 2013 MINI Cooper Coupe really does have it all.


You can get a great deal on a MINI Cooper Coupe if you pay MINI Cooper dealers like us at Orlando MINI a visit at your earliest convenience.  At Orlando MINI we have gotten a lot of 2014 MINI Cooper model years at our Mini dealer in Orlando, Florida.  This means we have to make room for this new inventory, which means we have our lineup of 2013 MINI Cooper vehicles priced to sell.  This includes the eye catching and head turning 2013 MINI Cooper Coupe.  No matter what model year you are after, come see us at Orlando MINI right away!