MINI reported yet another month of growing sales in April. Year-to-date, sales are in line with the strong start the automaker had in 2012. Let’s take a look at what MINI vehicles people were driving off the dealership lot last month.

At MINI dealerships across the country, people were busying test driving new and used MINI vehicles and falling in love with their unique style and tight performance. For these drivers, many of them selected the MINI Cooper and MINI Countryman, making these two vehicles again the top selling vehicles for MINI.

In addition, the MINI Paceman was finally available for MINI fans to check out at dealerships. Already, MINI moved nearly a hundred of these models with surely plenty more to follow. The MINI Paceman is a fantastic new model from MINI, and it’s perfect for drivers of all types.

Another strong seller was the MINI Cooper S Hardtop. It’s not hard to see why. This vehicle has the reliability most drivers need, but it also has a Sport Mode, which caters to drivers craving some extra performance while hitting the highway or the city streets.

With the Sport Mode, MINI Cooper S Hardtop will provide more rapid acceleration and tighter steering. If paired with automatic transmission, the system will even adjust the car’s shift points for quicker gear changes.

At Orlando MINI, we make sure to ask every costumer exactly what they’re looking for in a MINI and then try to match them to the perfect model. If the sales figures this year are any indication, there are plenty of satisfied MINI drivers on the road!