MINI, like many automakers, has a very rich history. And while most MINI fans spend a lot of their time focusing on the future of the company, there’s plenty of fun to be had by examining the past. 

In the second half of 2014, MINI vehicles will again be made in the Netherlands. To mark the occasion, MINI is diving into its history and sponsoring the restoration of a 1959 MINI originally assembled at Molenaar’s Car Factory in Amersfoort, Holland.

This vehicle is one of the oldest MINI models in the world. Now, it’s up to a team of five VDL Nedcar employees to restore it. They’re up to the challenge though. MINI selected them from a pool of 1,500 VDL Nedcar employees who will be involved in the future production of MINI at VDL Nedcar.

In Lakeland, MINI dealerships see this as a great coming together of the present and the past by a handful of employees who get to experience the best of both.

On this restoration team is a bodywork builder, a welder, a painter, an engine specialist and a project manager. It’s going to take all their skills to restore this MINI. But fans are certainly excited to see the end result. A piece of MINI history like this is worth the time to restore so future generations can treasure it.

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