Despite the fact that this winter has been brutally harsh for most of the country, spring is just around the corner.  With it will come beautiful sun-shiny days and warmer air.  In Orlando, we are lucky to have already experienced some of this gorgeous weather this year.  But, as this winter has taught us, beautiful weather should never be taken for granted, no matter where you live in America.  Therefore, in order to properly celebrate the arrival of spring, at Orlando MINI we are promoting our collection of MINI Cooper Convertibles.  With a MINI Cooper Convertible from our MINI dealership, you can enjoy a beautiful spring day, even when you have to travel somewhere by car.


The 2014 MINI Cooper Convertible is available in three different trim levels.  These trim levels offer different levels of power beneath the front hood.  The standard engine housed in the 2014 MINI Cooper Convertible offers 121 horsepower and a combined fuel economy of 31 miles per gallon.


Of course, the feature that we find really exciting about the 2014 MINI Cooper Convertible is the vehicle’s soft-top, convertible roof.  Unlike most convertible roofs, this roof can be opened to three different levels.  This means that you can start enjoying the beautiful spring-time weather even when the air is still a bit brisk in and around Lakeland.  The 2014 MINI Cooper Convertible can adjust perfectly, no matter what the weather!


To learn more about the 2014 MINI Cooper Convertible, and to take this vehicle for a test drive, we invite you to stop by our MINI dealership in Orlando – Orlando MINI.  Then, you can drive around Lakeland in your brand new MINI Cooper Convertible!