If you like speed when it comes to your automobile, then you are going to love the MINI John Cooper Works trim level available at our MINI dealership in Florida – Orlando MINI.  The MINI John Cooper Works version of the MINI Cooper is a trim level that is available in essentially all of the MINI vehicles that you have come to love.  The MINI John Cooper Works makes subtle changes all over the MINI vehicle, that add up in a big way.  In short, with a MINI John Cooper Works vehicle, you will get where you are going quickly.


The MINI John Cooper Works trim level was built with the famous racecar driver of the same name in mind.  This means that every tweak made to this vehicle is made with one goal in mind – to make the vehicle more track ready.  The engine in the MINI John Cooper Works vehicles is a four cylinder that has turbocharged power, offering 208 horsepower.  The engine also has 192 pound per foot of torque, along with an Overboost button, which ups the torque to 207 pound per foot.


The rest of the vehicle also has special functions, features and tweaks that add to the ability of the MINI John Cooper Works vehicles to accelerate out of the gate, hug every curve at a high speed, and stop on a dime.


If you want to feel the wind in your hair, try the MINI Cooper Convertible John Cooper Works; if you are a lover of curves, try the MINI Cooper Coupe John Cooper Works.  To try them all, come see us at our MINI dealership in Orlando, Florida.