For February, MINI started off the year selling 18,527 cars worldwide. That makes 34,391 cars that MINI has delivered to customers so far this year. What was the hottest MINI car in February? That honor goes to the MINI Countryman.

According to the automaker, the MINI Countryman climbed to 13,645 cars last month. That’s actually a 9.6% increase compared to the same period last year. Clearly, MINI fans are really liking the Countryman. Judging from the sales figures in February, there’s going to be plenty new Countryman drivers on the road.

MINI is only getting started. In mid-March, so right around the corner, the automaker will be launching the MINI Paceman. MINI fans have been a big fan of the Paceman ever since it first debuted. Now, they’ll finally have the chance to get a look at it up close.

The Paceman is a stunning vehicle. Just from the company’s ads, it’s clear the Paceman is setting the tone for MINI in 2013. It has a very distinct visual style, and it’s something you’ll recognize on the road right away. It’s sleek and urban, which is certainly a theme that’s reinforced in its television ads.

At Orlando MINI, we know this is going to be yet another fantastic year for MINI. Especially with the launch of the MINI Paceman coming up, the automaker has giving its fans a lot to pay attention to this year. If you want to experience the rush that thousands of new MINI drivers had in February as they drove off in their new car, stop by a MINI dealer today and test drive one for yourself.