For MINI, it’s pretty clear that driving is meant to be fun. Its ads are clever and car designs are unique. How much fun are MINI drivers having? Well, now MINI has a way to show just how much with its Driving Excitement Analyser.

MINI is updating its MINI Connect App in March to give MINI owners access to the Driving Excitement Analyser, which will show just how skillfully and safely drivers are handling their new MINI vehicle.

The results are displayed on the onboard monitor and will reward Experience Points (XP) for sporty, but safe, driving. At any MINI dealer, new MINI owners will soon have a brand new way to enjoy driving their MINI.

How does it score drivers? XP is given to particularly sprightly sprints, precise gear changes, controlled braking, smooth cornering and U-turns executed at well-judged speeds. You always tell your friends you are a great driver. MINI now has a way to prove you’re right.

The MINI Connected app is updated regularly to give MINI owners new information about their car and fresh ways to interact with their MINI. For cars with a MINI navigation system, MINI Connected also offers features like web radio, Google Local Search, and integration with your smartphone’s calendar.

At Orlando MINI, we know just how excited new drivers can get about their MINI vehicle. With the Driving Excitement Analyser, MINI has turned driving into more than just a way to get from point A to B. It’s an experience, and a fun one at that.