There wasn’t anything scary about sales for MINI in October. The automaker saw them up by 37 percent overall last month. What car was the standout seller? After all the customers they’ve assisted, MINI Countryman dealers have a pretty good idea.

Indeed, it was the Countryman, with its best sales ever, that helped push MINI to a new October record. The Countryman, which has been on sale stateside since last December, really hit its stride. For drivers of a certified used MINI, Lakeland drivers included, this isn’t totally surprising news. They’ve long suspected the Countryman would be a huge hit. Now they have the numbers to prove it!

The US market has really taken to the Countryman, much as MINI hoped when it launched the model here last year. However, that’s not the only MINI model that US consumers are loving. Next to the Countryman, the Hardtop stands out as another top seller. Although the Coupé had lower sales in October, this number is certainly expected to rise as everyone awaits the next-generation model.

Overall, it’s been a great year for MINI, and 2012 is looking to be even better as the automaker hits full stride and fans see some updates to their favorite models.