There seems to be no limit to the creative advertising that MINI dreams up. To celebrate the launch of the new Coupé in New York, MINI is taking its cars to a place never reached before by a certified used MINI. Lakeland drivers have seen pictures of the outdoor marketing stunt: a MINI Coupé strapped to a rocket engine prepared for takeoff. It’s giving new meaning to the “launch” of a next-generation vehicle.

The 30-foot tall MINI space shuttle is really turning some heads. That’s not all. As drivers of the MINI Countryman, MINI Winter Park motorists, and drivers nationwide had noticed, MINI even has four astronauts on hand at the shuttle. They’re there to pass out brochures about the awesome upcoming vehicle and answer any questions.

This isn’t the first creative, public marketing campaign MINI has orchestrated. The automaker putting a Countryman inside a giant snow globe also comes to mind. Also, MINI is a huge fan of social media. To see the automaker’s creativity on display, head over to its Facebook page.

This MINI space launch is just in time for Halloween, too, as the fixture will be leaving Nov. 1. So, if you’re in the area, make sure to check it out. If not, surf you’re way over to Google and see the marketing masterpiece if you haven’t already.

If you had one questions for a MINI astronaut, what would it be?