Some members of the media are starting to get their hands on the MINI Paceman. I’ve featured some of this car’s best aspects. However, now that drivers are getting some test drive time, let’s take a look at this great MINI vehicle up close.

For starters, photos just don’t do the MINI Paceman justice. Seeing it in person makes the vehicle look unique and sleek. The MINI design team did a fabulous job on this car. It’s the small touches that really set it apart. In Lakeland, MINI dealerships love small details like the rear lights that are turned horizontal, which helps to visually lengthen the car. Its subtle curves and lines make this MINI look very modern and distinctive.

The Pacemen isn’t just great looks, which it has in spades. It’s also a great performing vehicle. MINI re-calibrated the electric steering. Drivers can really feel the feedback and get more control over their drive. This makes the car feel more nimble and graceful when you’re behind the wheel. A revised suspension system certainly adds to that feeling.

On the inside, this car is clearly a MINI. However, the automaker made some small changes. Specifically, it moved the window controls to the doors. Yes, a small change, but it’ll take long-time MINI fans a couple weeks to get used to. Nevertheless, it’s a tweak that will likely be implemented in other MINI vehicles.

At Fields Orlando MINI, we believe the Paceman is going to be a real draw for customers. We can wait to get interested drivers behind the wheel. We know they’ll love it.