MINI is headed for the Guinness World Record book. However, it’s probably not in a way you would expect. With the automaker’s newest promotion, it’s showing just how creative it can be as well as how versatile MINI vehicles are.

In its “MINI Goes to Santa Claus” project, it will be traveling to Rovaniemi located at the Arctic Circle to bring Santa Claus Christmas letters written by children and adults from all over the world. In Lakeland, MINI Cooper drivers love the idea, especially the part where MINI is trying to set the world record for assembling the longest wish list to Santa Claus.

How is the automaker going to achieve this feat? Well, it’s going to need some help. Specifically, 16 of its markets, spanning a large number of countries, are going to assist in the project, the US included.

The journey to Rovaniemi begins on November 24th. The drivers will pass through some of the most beautiful cities in Europe on their way. It’s going to be one amazing ride.

A variety of MINI vehicles will be taking the journey. The MINI Clubman is an ideal choice, considering its generous cargo capacity. The MINI Countryman with its off-road abilities is also making the trip. The MINI Hatchback, MINI Coupe, MINI Roadster, and MINI Cabrio will round out the roster.

At Fields Orlando MINI, we’re always amazed to see what else MINI will come up with next. When it’s not creating amazing cars, it’s dreaming up fun ways to engage its fans and showcase its vehicles. This is certainly an attention-grabbing trip.