In Winter Park, used MINI drivers don’t often get to take their MINI off the road and slide around in the dirt. However, with the MINI AII4 system, drivers are now in control. Whether its a muddy trail or snow-covered street, the AII4 has you covered.

At MINI Countryman dealers, this traction system is a major selling point. The system control unit is fully integrated with the vehicle and transfers data faster than ever! Why does that mean? Basically, the car is getting real-time feedback from the road. This allows the system to react to weather conditions and changes in traction quicker.

Specifically, the AII4 engages a small clutch in the front detecting wheel slip when engaging the rear driveshaft. For the driver, this feedback mechanism creates a smooth, balanced ride worthy of any luxury vehicle.

For those adventurous MINI drivers, the road just got a little more open! Especially as the winter season onsets in many parts of the country, the Countryman’s added traction and stability will do wonders against the snow and sleet.

Now drivers can be less distracted by the road conditions, and worry more about traffic itself!