Now that’s not a feat you see everyday. What’s that you ask? Well, England’s long jump champion, J.J. Jegede, just pulled off a unique stunt: jumping over three MINIs! It’s the MINI equivalent of jumping the shark, only for this athlete, his career is just beginning.

The three MINI measured approximately six meters in length. To put that into perspective for West Palm used BMW X5 owners, a successful jump by a world-class performer is around seven to eight meters. Keep in mind, that’s in optimum conditions. So, Jegede didn’t have much room for error.

However, as if there were any doubt, he successfully completed the jump, which was set against the picturesque London Bridge by the Thames River. It made for quite the shot!

For MINI Countryman dealers, this event was more than a demonstration of skill. It served to further build the buzz for the MINI Cooper London 2012 Edition model. That’s the car MINI created in honor of the 2012 Olympic Games, which will be hosted in London this summer.

Here’s what Jegede had to say: “I always wanted to demonstrate my ability in a fun way, so I jumped at the chance to perform an Evel Knievel-style display. It is my ultimate dream to compete at London 2012.”

To see him in action, check out his long jump video.