For every automaker, there’s one concept model that no matter how many production obstacles impede it, the vehicle still seems irresistible. For Lakeland used MINI fans, that concept model is the MINI Rocketman.

In fact, for over a decade, it’s a concept that just won’t be forgotten. However, MINI fans have a new reason to be hopeful. After a recent collaboration between Toyota and BMW, MINI drivers are seeing new production possibilities for the Rocketman.

Originally, producing it seemed just like any certified used MINI. Lakeland MINI fans thought the automaker would shorten the R56 or the next generation F56 platform to create it. However, those options proved more costly than initially expected. Thus, the likelihood of seeing the Rocketman became remote.

That is, until Toyota’s partnership. Now, MINI fans are wondering if partnering with Toyota and using its next-gen small city car platform could be the key to bringing the Rocketman to market for considerably less cost.

Although that’s certainly a huge help, finding a cost-effective engine is still a problem. The new three cylinder MINI engine would fit, but the high cost of engineering it might again impede the Rocketman.

Either way, if you’re a fan of this concept model, there’s now a greater possibility that it might someday see the light of day.