MINI is definitely an automaker that’s known for going above and beyond for its customers. However, it’s not every automaker that embraces the selfless holiday spirit like MINI. In Lakeland, used MINI owners are proud to be MINI fans after seeing this automaker’s Random Act of Kindness.

At a mall in Canada, MINI attached giant balloons to every MINI in the parking lot. In a season when the malls are packed and you’re clutching a bunch of bags, it can be pretty difficult to find your car in a sea of vehicles. So, this random act of kindness was much appreciated.

In Winter Park, MINI service center employees live and breath this mentality in their everyday duties. However, it never hurts to see a grand gesture, especially around the holidays. The signs at the mall read “Your MINI is Parked Here.” No matter how tall a stack of presents you’re carrying, that’s a pretty hard message to miss.

This definitely isn’t the first public display MINI has orchestrated. In recent years, it’s been getting out the word about its vehicle with big public demonstrations, which make waves in traditional and social media.

What’s the best thing your favorite automaker has done for you?