Are you looking to get rid of your current MINI vehicle to get a new one? While you can put a “for sale” sign in the windshield and hope for the best, you can also trade in your MINI Countryman at Orlando MINI. Here’s everything you need to know about trading in your MINI car.

Know Your Vehicle’s Value

Before you take your car over to our Orlando, FL MINI dealership, you should know the current value of your vehicle. To do this, simply log onto Kelley Blue Book’s website and enter the model, year, condition, and mileage of your car to get its worth.

Fix Your MINI Up

Any dings, dents, or debris on your MINI vehicle may lower its value when you go to trade it in. While you don’t have to entirely revamp your ride, clean up its exterior and cabin. Give it a good wash and wax, shampoo the carpets, and touch up the paint where needed.

Benefits of Trading In Your MINI Car

There are tons of advantages to trading in your car. For starters, you’ll only have to deal with one dealership instead of several interested private buyers. Plus, it’s super quick and convenient. Private party sales will consume a lot of time and effort, but when you trade in your vehicle at Orlando MINI, the process is seamless. Trading in your vehicle also reduces the price of your new car. You can use your current vehicle as a down payment for your next one.

If you’re in the market for a new MINI car, stop by Orlando MINI today to learn more about trading in your current vehicle. Our friendly sales representatives will work closely with you to answer all questions you may have.