Ordering MINI parts is a great way to upgrade your vehicle or perform simple repairs at home. Our online order form makes it easy to find parts that fit your vehicle, and our team of service professionals can install them for you, making the process easy and painless.

Will the Parts Be Compatible?

Your MINI is a finely tuned machine, and if you buy aftermarket parts bought from third-party sellers, you may find they don’t fit. We only use genuine OEM, or original equipment manufacturer, parts, so each part is designed with your vehicle in mind. Our trained staff is familiar with the complete line of MINI vehicles and parts, so make sure to contact us if you’re not sure what will be compatible.

What Should I Upgrade?

If you’re looking to improve your MINI’s performance, there are a number of upgraded parts you can install. High-performance tires improve every facet of your car’s drive, giving you a smoother ride and more responsiveness when turning or braking. Upgraded pads can also improve your brake’s responsiveness. Plus, quality racing seats give you more support taking turns at high speeds.

How Do I Order Parts?

Our parts department website makes ordering new parts simple: just fill in your contact information and your vehicle’s details. The last thing you’ll need is the OEM part number, usually found on the part itself. Your part will be shipped to our MINI service center, where you can pick it up yourself or have our trained team of service professionals install it for you.

Learn More at Orlando MINI

Ordering new OEM parts for your MINI vehicle is a snap, thanks to our online order form. If you’re not sure what needs a replacement, visit the service center at Orlando MINI for a complete check-up today!