Simple Maintenance

Some simple spring maintenance tasks can be performed at home. Check your air conditioning by leaving it running for fifteen minutes, which will help keep it running and make sure it’s functional before the long summer days. Replace your wiper blades, which can be damaged by winter weather. Make sure your windshield wiper fluid and brake fluids reservoirs are full and top them off as well.

Professional Maintenance

Simple maintenance can be done at home, but our team of trained MINI technicians can check essential parts and systems to make sure they weren’t damaged by winter. Have your tires checked, your wheels aligned, and your brakes inspected. This may be a good time for an oil change, even if you use multi-viscosity oil; if you use a thinner oil during the winter, this is the time to change to different oil. Make sure your battery is fully functional and hasn’t been affected by colder weather.

Getting Clean

It’s always important to check for winter damage that affects performance, but don’t forget to give your MINI a good wash. Salt can stick to your paint, causing long-term damage. If you’re washing your car yourself, don’t forget the underbody, either. Also, your interior could probably use some cleaning and detailing, so don’t neglect your cabin and dashboard.

Visit Orlando MINI for All Your Service Needs

Spring is a great time to come down to Orlando MINI and have our team of technicians perform a tune-up. While you’re here, explore our selection of new MINI vehicles and take one for a test drive today!